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Our Elite MPX Laser gives you the advantages of two gold standard laser wavelengths – the 755 nm Alexandrite laser and 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser – in one system.  These wavelengths have proven long-term results for hair removal!

About our CynoSure Multiplex Laser 

The 755nm Alexandrite laser is great at treating lighter skinned patients, and the 1064nm YAG laser is the choice for darker skinned patients.  Often those patients in the middle can present unique challenges, which our state of the art laser is design to treat.

Cynosure’s exclusive MultiPlex technology makes it easier to treat our clients.  MultiPlex sequentially delivers Alex and YAG to provide customized treatments for ‘The Middle’, providing treatments that are faster and more effective than single-wavelength treatments.

Our Multiplex laser option allows us to select wavelength combinations (YAG/Alex) and adjust pulse durations, Multiplex also provides great treatment flexibility for lighter and darker skin types as well.  Multiplex means greater customization for each patient.


Andover Aesthetics Laser Hair Removal invites you to experience the convenience, affordability, beautiful, and virtually pain-free smooth skin results of laser hair removal. Take advantage of our new Laser Specials

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